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Parramatta focuses on the principled selection of learning for students.

Curriculum at Parramatta is designed to maximise the capacity of all students (including students with disabilities (SWD)) to deliver the Australian Curriculum (English, mathematics, science and humanities) through C2C and the Essential Learnings and Standards of the QCARF for other Key Learning Areas. Handwriting is explicitly taught P – 6.

By using scope and sequence plans, teacher analysis of data contained in the PSS performance data tool and PSS on-line support tools as referent sources for planning, teachers are confident that all curriculum requirements are being met.

Core curriculum support tools at Parramatta SS include PSS High frequency words, M100+ words, C2C  P – 6, and supplementary resources including CARS Plus and STARS Plus comprehension materials 1 - 6, Sound Waves P – 6, and the SRA Phonemic Awareness program.

Students identified working significantly below or above the cohort expectations are not expected to engage with all C2C content, and may be assessed on teacher modified grading masters. Individual Curriculum Programs (ICP) will cater for the needs of specific individuals. Students P-3 participate in levelled reading groups four times a week and all students are offered streamed maths and spelling across cohorts. This includes both Sound Waves and Elementary Maths Mastery where appropriate.

Curriculum distractions are kept to a minimum at Parramatta to maximise learning time and allow uninterrupted teaching for reading, maths and spelling groups. For example, parade, religion, interschool sport, fundraising / celebration days are usually scheduled for Fridays.

Decisions about other events including camps, visits by celebrities, Arts council and so on are made on a case – by case basis against whether they contribute to the Parramatta goals – to build staff capacity, improve student literacy and numeracy, improve student attendance and/or support student welfare.

The on-line Parramatta curriculum tool is available at EdStudio: S662165284